I was born a runner!

When my mother was 8 months along, my family fled from a war-torn town to find a safe home. After two attempts, Calgary has come to be my true home.

My mother is a single mother who had sacrificed her entire life to ensure that one day we will have a safe home with great opportunities.

My father was a hard-working believer, that taught us we can make something out of nothing if we have faith.

I had come to know the value of persistency when I was 17 years old. With no English language, I succeeded the odds of getting higher education by being accepted at SAIT, a fantastic post-secondary institution with skillsbased learning. I came out with more than a Bachelor of Business Administration.

I knew that I could make something out of nothing and afford a safe home. So I kept running in this direction. I saw first-hand the impact that opportunities and support can have on people’s lives—and this has made me determined to fight and advocate for this right.

I advocate on the value of community, youth engagement and skills development. While I was a
student, I funded a youth empowerment scholarship that offers hope in being a good citizen rather than choosing gangs and crimes.

In 2016, I was elected as the president of SAIT’s Student Association and it was one of the proudest moments of my life. I had the opportunity and privilege to represent over 15,000 fulltime students’ on a Federal and Provincial level.

Although I was never partial to politics, I fight for what is right. I believe city government is where politicians are made and I am in this running to fight for our community. I have has called Calgary home for 12 years. I and my beloved wife, currently reside in the community of Vista Heights with their 6-year-old daughter, and 8- and
3-year-old sons.

I  likes to spend as much of MY free time as I can with my family, neighbors, and being involved in the community. Some of  my current and previous volunteer and committee positions include:

Current Board volunteer and committee positions:

               • Chairman of Youth Empowerment Society- YES
               • Chair of Aweil Union Society in Alberta

               •  Translator and Interpreter at Calgary Catholic Immigration Society 
               •  Delivery Driver for care connect, Calgary Food Bank
               • Member of Immigrants Inclusion Committee, City of Calgary

Past Board volunteer and committee positions:

               • President of SAIT Students’ Association, SAIT Polytechnic
               • Finance Committee Chair and Student Tax Administrator
               • Board of Governors & Governance Committee, SAIT Polytechnic
               • Calgary Local Immigration Partnership, City of Calgary
               • Alberta General Election and Canadian Federal Election
               • Campaign Volunteer and Poll Supervisor