I believe that we all want the same thing …to live in a thriving city that makes us proud, one that gives us and our children opportunities to be successful.

At age 17, Calgary gave me the opportunity to go from a refugee with no home, nor English language, to a graduate of bachelor in business Administration and president of SAIT’s student association.
But today, the next generation is missing out on those opportunities that our City gave me.

For young families and individuals on average incomes in North East Calgary, housing has increasingly become unaffordable.
Home ownership has even become a nightmare with increasing in property taxes. But what is worse, is that there is no break on the additional fees such as the Green Cart Food Waste and its bags on top of the bills and taxes that households already paying.
For small businesses and entrepreneurs in North East Calgary, suffering has been the norm through this economic downturn and struggling to keep their doors open.

The unnecessary red tapes and increasing taxes for small business and entrepreneurs have also made this burden worse.
We cannot afford to price ordinary, working Calgarians out of our city. If we shut down opportunity, Calgary will become closed to the young, seniors, to the entrepreneurs, and to the hard-working people who make our economy and communities safe and livable.

      · My first priority will be making North East Calgary safer and more                 secure for residents and businesses. I have aggressive action plans             to tackle crime and violence in our streets. I vow that our residents               will not have to install sensors to our front doors or keep our porch             lights on to feel safe. I also vow to ensure that our communities                   amnesties are well kept

      · I will advocate on safer pedestrian crossings for our children and                 seniors in every North East Calgary Street. I vow that our most                       vulnerable will not be victims to near-miss incidents. I will ensure that         our burned streets lights are replaced on time and streets signs are             not blocked by trees.

     · I will be the most pro-business councillor. Not just because of my                education in business, but because I know that a prosperous, growing        economy is central to ensuring that our city remains a place of                      opportunity, for employers and employees.  I will stand alongside                business owners in campaigning against the red tape and the rigorous        processes to encourage entrepreneurship. I will actively work with                businesses to ensure that more of North East Calgary will have access        to the skills and education that our current and future economy                    needs.

      · I will tackle the affordable housing crisis. We do not need to only                   build more affordable homes, we need to ensure that the current                 ones are maintained, and the people living in these homes have the             means to maintain them. We need to also allow opportunities to                   home owners to provide affordable places such as secondary suits. I           have a plan that will eliminate inflated housing prices, and transition           low-income home owners to middle-income housing

North East Calgary has what it takes to drive success. But first, our nieghbourhoods need a City that works for all and a leader that is tuagh on issues and getting things done.
I have a deep understanding of what it means to feel unsafe in our own homes. I’ve experienced poverty and lack of opportunity. I will fight to make our communities safe for us and our children and bring opportunity, affordability, and a higher standard of living. That is your right and it is my privilege.

On October 16, Vote Gar Gar to get things doNE.

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