The Ford Focus car reached the peak of its popularity in 2001-2002, when it became the best-selling car on the planet. This model came to replace the outdated Ford Escort. Not only has the exterior of the car changed, but also the interior and mechanical components have changed as well. It is

an affordable vehicle that has high performance and demonstrates a level of safety that is not typical for cars in this price segment. Cars of this brand can be recycled:

The new model has become even more attractive due to many innovations. The front headlights already had divided sections and integrated turn signals. In the cabin appeared not only climate control, but also a navigator, audio system, fresh shades on the center console. The passenger and driver’s seats have undergone some changes, the body has received an expanded range of colors.

At the customer’s choice, the Ford Focus can use one of four types of transmission: two types of five-speed manual, six-speed manual and four-speed automatic. All generations of the Ford Focus are offered in four body styles: a three- or five-door hatchback, a four-door sedan and a five-door station wagon. At the moment, Ford Focus hatchback in Mos

cow is not difficult to buy, as many car dealers offer this model.

In 2004, the Paris Auto Show was the place of presentation of the second generation of this car model. First it was presented as a three- and five-door hatchback. And already at the Beijing Motor Show, the public saw a four-door sedan. The updated version of the car has the same suspension as used in the first generation, but with some modifications. The body has become 10% stiffer, which made the car more manageable. All the parameters of the new model became a little bigger, due to which the Ford Focus became more dimensional. This is reflected in the increase in wheelbase, as well as allowed to get a more spacious interior.

The changes inside the interior have touched the interior, now more expensive trim materials are used. There is no cheap plastic. The design of the front console became similar to the Ford Mondeo. Among the new options are the keyless entry system, climate control of the new model, stereo control system by voice. While each new modification gets more upgrades, it does not affect the cost of the car.

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