Gas equipment. Malfunctions, maintenance and safety rules

In order to find a malfunction in the gas equipment installed in the car, you must first check how the engine works on gasoline. Finding out that in all modes the power unit functions without failure, it means that the gas supply system is in a faulty state. If the entire vehicle is faulty, it’s easier to recycle it and get cash for cars scarborough.

The most common malfunctions that impair the normal operation of the engine and are not eliminated by adjustments, while the gas system is serviceable:

– Poor spark plug condition (engine may jerk at idle and be difficult to start);

– valve leakage, worn piston group (acceleration deteriorates, maximum speed decreases, gas consumption increases);

– Worn seats of the valves, air drainage in the intake pipe or past the air filter, breakdown of wires and ignition system spark leakage when you press the pedal (there is a popping effect).
How to avoid breakage of HBO

To avoid global breakdowns of your car’s gas system, switch to Motor Gas, while following some rules:

– Once a month, but not less often, with the turned off engine to drain the condensate through the valve from the warmed up reducer;

– if possible, change the spark plugs and air filter more often, than it is required by the operation manual;

– no more than after 5 thousand km of run clean the filter element body from contamination;

– after approx. 13-15 km of run, replace the filter element;

– check the tightness of pipe system connections after completing the repair of any elements of the system, or at least once a month.
The most important rule of safe operation of the car riding on gas – tight connection of all parts of the gas system. It is easy enough to check this. Just apply some kind of foam solution, the simplest is soapy water, to the controlled areas. If there are no bubbles, then the connections are tight. If, however, a gas leak is detected, you cannot operate the car. In such a case, you need to quickly shut off the filler and flow valves and use gasoline power until the fault is fixed. And most importantly, it is often necessary to check whether the cylinder is securely fastened, because its movement can lead to a tear in the pipes.

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