How often should I wash my car?

Spring does not pity our cars. With what joy we drive a clean car out of the car wash until… the first puddle. That’s why, probably many people stop washing their cars at this time. How much it is harmful to do it? If the car is long overdue for the junkyard, it doesn’t need to be washed. The auto recycling specialists will accept it in any condition:

It is not a secret, that spring mud is a mix of snow and chemicals. From sticking of such unpleasant “mess” the body will suffer first of all, and without an appropriate care will acquire corrosion. After all, snow is water, and many people do not think about that. It is the water that is able to corrode the paint coating, and without hindrance takes on the body. And in combination with chemicals, rust appears much faster in contrast to the effects of pure water.

Of course, the influence of climate is also important. In a humid environment, the risk of corrosion is greater. But neglecting to wash even increases the risk of metal corrosion. Much also depends on the quality of the paint. If the coating is economy class, it is thin and soft, and of course, more vulnerable.

Car owners need to pay attention to small surprises from birds. Bird droppings, not washed off the car surface in time, get eaten and leave such traces, that it is necessary to paint damaged parts all over again. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to wash it off, it should be washed off quickly, so as not to leave unpleasant stains.

And how often should you wash the car? Naturally, it is necessary to wash it as it gets dirty. If the weather is rainy, you should rinse the car yourself or at self-service car washes at least once every two days. In winter it is harder to do, but in any weather once a month or a month and a half should be thoroughly washed and additionally degreased the surface of the body.

But washing your car often is also dangerous. After all, you risk in such a case to make the varnish matt. This becomes especially noticeable if the car is painted in dark colors.

Still, most motorists are inclined to the fact that it is ideal to wash the car once a week. Don’t forget about wax protection. It not only gives an aesthetic shine to the polish, but first and foremost, protection from corrosion. Especially it is necessary to do it in winter.

Specialists advise using hot wax, as they note its high resistance to reagents. It is also possible to clean the car with a special clay. But for this, it is better to contact professionals to do everything correctly.

In addition, the lacquer coating of car manufacturers varies in quality. It is possible that one brand varnish after six months is already matte, and a high-end car will remain shiny after ten years.


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