How to save fuel. Part 2

There are a few more tips to help reduce fuel consumption. We’ve talked before about how the best way to get rid of an old car and save money on buying a new car at the same time is to recycle your old car:

Usually in the trunk and in the glove compartment we carry various things that can be safely left at home. Remember that an extra 100 kilograms of weight increases fuel consumption by 10 percent.

If you tidy up your car well, you can reduce it by 1-2 percent. For example, our car has insurance in the glove compartment, and a jack and a spare in the trunk. In the city, everything is practically at your fingertips. Why carry bulky tools, jerrycans and other things you should take with you on long trips, but not as for every day when driving around town.

Watch out for aerodynamics. A roof rack can cause a 10 percent increase in fuel consumption. Open windows, a sunroof, or an antenna have a much lesser impact, averaging about 2 to 5 percent.

When driving out of town, you should watch your top speed. It is advisable not to increase the speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The tachometer should show engine revolutions between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm.

An increase in speed, as well as an increase in the revolutions of the power unit, leads to an increase in consumption by 15-20 percent.

Some motorists advise staying behind trucks so that the air flow will save fuel. This is not too wise to do. That said, you need to drive as close to the truck as possible for there to be any effect. But on the one hand, you need to keep your distance, and on the other hand, from under the wheels of the ahead car will fly small stones. This may damage parts of the front of the car or even the windshield.

A good advice is not to get into traffic jams. It is better to arrive at work 10-15 minutes earlier. You’ll avoid traffic and have time to grab a cup of coffee before you start your work day.

Another way is to use discount cards. Discounts may be small, but they will also help you save at least a little bit.

What are the alternatives?
It is quite possible that all of the previous tips can only be a half-measure. In that case, there is a drastic change to your car.

Electric Vehicle. Now there are already various companies that can convert your car into an electric car. True, the cost of such a conversion is now too high – about 10 thousand dollars.

Gas equipment. This is not such a cardinal change, but converting your car to use gas equipment will save up to three times. Of course, gas consumption at that is higher than that of gasoline or diesel fuel, but filling up will be much cheaper. The cost of equipment, depending on the model of the car can cost up to 150 to 500 euros.

Of course, it is possible to switch to a bicycle or public transport, but that is a whole other topic.


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