Some tips for those who fall asleep at the wheel

Of course, romantic night drives always excite the minds of speed lovers, but there is also a problem that occurs quite often at night – sleep at the wheel of the car.

Do you often drive at night? And over long distances? Truckers and cab drivers understand what we are going to talk to you about.

Sleeping behind the wheel causes hundreds of deaths each year. Here are a few tips to help you stay alert! If you fell asleep at the wheel and damaged your car so badly that it is unrepairable, turn it in for recycling:

Coffee and energy drinks
The very first thing that comes to mind for a driver who falls asleep in the car is the idea to stop at a gas station to drink a cup of coffee. This is good advice, but it will not work for everyone. You can drink coffee as long as it is not prohibited by your doctors. Do not get your hopes up for a variety of coffee-based drinks and instant coffee. Statisticians suggest that there is not always pure caffeine there. Better to use ground coffee brewed in the coffee machine at the gas station or make it yourself any time you have free time. One cup of hot coffee from a thermos to be drunk during a road break at night will be a good sleep aid.

The second remedy is considered to be energy drinks. Although there is a lot of controversy about it. The doctors warn that the use of such drinks is dangerous for health. After taking one such energy drink the heart and the stomach get an increased load, which can lead to serious complications.

It is necessary to move!
Stop more often and do exercise – this will help you get rid of the obvious desire to fall asleep at the wheel. Remember, fresh air along with 10 minutes of squats, side bends, push-ups and jumps will help to cheer you up, thus harboring the desire to sleep for a while.

The easiest
A companion is a surefire way to resist sleep. A person sitting at the side can replace you at the wheel and distract you from sleep with conversation on any topic.

One of the easiest ways to stay awake is to drink as much fluid as possible. Frequent bladder urges will distract from the thought of falling asleep.

Listen to loud music in the car, open the windows so that fresh air fills the cabin, count road signs, and chew seeds. Of course, all this will not be able to properly fight a tired body. That’s why it’s imperative to get enough sleep before long journeys, not to overeat, so that the fatty acids that get into the blood don’t turn it more dense.

Anti-sleep gadgets
Various gadgets can act as those anti-sleep remedies.

Nowadays, there are many gadgets that react to any tilt of the driver’s head and make sharp sounds, or analyze different factors and also alert the driver loudly. If you decide to buy such gadgets, you will have to shell out between 300 and 1000 rubles.

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