Every driver wants to drive safely to go to this company only in the most extreme cases: https://towingandscrapcarremoval.ca/scrap-car-removal-ajax/. However, not every car owner takes all the necessary measures. It often concerns the tires: motorists choose high quality tires with a special pattern, and the car is sure to be re-worn for winter. However, it is important to control the pressure in the tires, otherwise the car will not be safe.

Firstly, the tire pressure is kept the same in each pair (on each axle). On a passenger car, 2 bar is enough in the front pair of wheels, in the rear – up to 2.2. With the proper pressure, the most stable grip will be, and the fuel consumption will not become excessive. If the pressure is less than the norm – the tires overheat and are more likely to wear out, and sometimes tear because of low pressure. It is also dangerous to exceed the standard pressure. In an over-inflated tire, the contact area with the road is much lower, which overloads the central area of the tread, and damage to the tire up to explosion is again possible. Overinflated tires are less shock absorbing, and the car may bounce on irregularities. The car responds much less adequately to steering wheel actions, and the braking distance increases.

In general, pressurized tires are often the prerequisites for accidents and even the reasons of them. Since tires inevitably get hot in motion, checking the pressure in a heated tire does not give an adequate result. You can check the pressure with a manometer – even non-drivers know this. Modern cars (imported, as a rule) are sometimes equipped with a system that controls the pressure in the tires, the information is given on the dashboard for each wheel. If deviations become critical – clever electronics will inform the driver immediately.

Pumping up the tires with a manual or even a foot pump is now considered an unnecessary effort. Gas stations or service stations have pumping points, and the drivers carry car compressors that operate from the car’s power supply – from the cigarette lighter in particular. The devices can be purchased at any auto store. Chinese products, as usual, there are more, but you can find American or European model of the manufacturer.

There are reciprocating and vibrating compressors. Vibrating varieties are used by owners of small cars, as well as scooters and light motorcycles – they are inexpensive, but have a capacity sufficient for pumping small wheels. Piston compressors are more powerful, they can pump the tires even relatively large trucks and buses. However, the piston compressor is capable of overheating, so every 20-25 minutes the machine must be given a rest.

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