Types of wheel arch extenders and their features

When using a car with wider wheels, from the dirt and stones flying out from under them the body is exposed to increased contamination and damage. Using the widened wheel arches is able to get rid of such negative moments. And contacting this company https://scrapmycarnear.me/service-areas/scrap-my-car-nobleton/ helps you get a lot of money for a new car.

For example, Toyota wheel arch extenders allow you to perform the following tasks:

– Protect wheel arches from damage;
– Change the body, giving it some “muscularity”.

There are several of the most popular ways to enlarge the arches, which are successfully used by some motorists.

Rubber arch extenders

Both original and varieties of universal fenders can be used in car tuning. On sale there are universal fenders as well as original elements for a particular car model. Universal fenders, also called rubber arch extenders, are on sale represented as rolled up rolls and fit any automobile. As a rule, they are used by the owners of domestic SUVs with wide wheels mounted on them.

Installed band extenders simply enough: cut off the desired length of the extender, insert the mounting tape into the groove of the extender, and then the extender is fixed to the arch with screws. At the edge of the expander is a hole, in which the wire is inserted, giving the rubber stiffness.

When the installation is completed, the rubber elements step back from the edge of the body by about 5 cm, providing the necessary protection to the arches, but the appearance of the car from this does not improve. That is why their popularity among those who want to get not only functionality, but also a pleasant design, is not great. These requirements are best met by plastic wideners.

Plastic arch extenders

On sale, plastic wideners can be seen as curved parts, made to the size of the arches already a specific model of car. The plastic is installed easily with the help of a construction dryer. Although it, like rubber, has to be fixed to the arches with self-drilling screws, but after the painting of these tools, the car takes a completely different and very respectable appearance. In terms of functionality and durability the plastic fender is not worse than its rubber analogue.

Self-made extenders

Sometimes, for self-expression, some motorists install homemade expanders on the car, made of improvised means. Usually, they are made using fiberglass, and their base can be different.

To give volume to the details of arches can be used such material as polystyrene foam. In addition, expansions on the wheel arches can be made of fiberglass with the use of special sculpting plasticine. Sometimes mounting foam can also be used. But the main thing that is important to consider is that you should think about expanding the wheel arches only when using non-standard wheels on the car.

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