Using car lights

In this article we will talk not about the commonplace truth: the importance of proper adjustment of the headlights, their cleanliness, etc., but about the order of use of lighting devices, depending on the time of day and weather conditions. After all, your safety and the health of others depends on the use of certain lights. And if you need to sell your car for scrap metal, you can go here:

In modern cars when you turn on the ignition lights turn on automatically. Such an approach is 100% justified, because the car becomes more visible on the road, and the risk of accidents is reduced.

We do not advise to use front “fog lights” together with the parking lights. After all, 4 burning headlights instead of 2 can blind oncoming drivers. It is possible to use fog lights as an alternative to the daytime running lights. But not at the same time with the parking lights.

Use the rear fog light only in heavy fog on the highway. Under normal weather conditions, inclusion of this option will annoy the drivers behind the car.

Use the distant light only out of town and in the dark time of the day. The main thing is not to dazzle the oncoming drivers. Therefore, at the approach of the car switch the far light on the dipped one. Carry out the same actions if you were at the head of a car column, but the driver behind you overtook you. In order not to dazzle him, switch to dipped beam.

If you are stopped on the highway during the day, turn on the emergency alarm. In the evening and at night, you should also switch on your parking lights. In the event of an accident, be sure to put an emergency sign at the distance from the car recommended by the traffic code.

Now let’s talk about turn signals. Many drivers ignore them, creating emergency situations on the road. Be sure to use the turn signals at least 3 seconds before the maneuver they indicate. Before you move from the curb, too, don’t forget to include the turn signal, having warned the motorists moving on the road about the plans.

And don’t forget about regular checks of car lights. After all, your safety and the health of other road users depends on their proper operation.

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