Wash your car efficiently and quickly at a self-service car wash

How to wash a quality car, using a self-service car wash, so as not to get in the end a solid streaks and stains? First of all, you need to learn how to cope with such a wash. If you plan to give the machine for recycling, they will accept it in any condition, including dirty: https://scrapcar.cash.

Spring season practically greeted our cars with a rainbow of splashes and, unfortunately, puddles of melted dirty snow. Therefore, keeping your car clean is required more often than usual. Self-service car washes are for people who not only want to save money, but also to do everything quickly, relying on their own strength. But, even after reading the instructions, it is not always possible to get the expected results.

First, of course, you have to pay for the services and choose a program. Usually such car washes offer a pre-wash, a basic wash, rinsing, waxing, polishing, drying. An additional option may be to wash the wheels.

During the prewash, the dirt softens. Therefore, the entire car should be doused with water from top to bottom while holding the gun at a distance of 25-30 centimeters. Do not try to wash away all the dirt. The rest of the steps in the process will handle that.

The main wash implies a thorough rinse with hot water, and then foam all the dirty places. Water pressure in this case is much stronger than in the preliminary stage. It is better to apply the solution and conduct rinsing by horizontal movements. Wash the car from the top to the bottom, going over the sides. Then move on to the front and stern, roof, trunk, hood.

Rinse mode is designed to rinse out the foam, which usually takes at least a minute. A customer can choose a normal rinse or an osmosis rinse. This program uses water of very thorough filtration, which will not leave any smudges or streaks.

Specialists recommend you to apply a layer of wax on the surface of the car. It has protection against dust, dirt, and chemicals used in winter to sprinkle the roads.

Shine and drying is an important option. The car is rinsed with demineralized water with a special substance that allows the car to dry faster. Therefore, there is no need to wipe the surface. In addition, the coating after drying also gets a shine.

But more often than not, the customer does not go through all the programs of a car wash, using only the active foam wash and the usual rinse. Because of this, the car will take longer to dry and, of course, will get dirty faster.

The developers of car wash calculated that the process itself with all modes should take 7-10 minutes. But if you have never washed your car during all winter, then you should make “general cleaning” at first on a hand car wash. And then it is quite possible to keep your car clean by means of a car wash.

Some users complain that after using this service the car is left with white streaks. Of course, in many respects, the quality of service depends on the pressure in the gun, concentrate and supply of chemistry. After all, the owners of car washes set them up themselves. So be sure to pay attention to whether there is good pressure in the gun. If you have to hold it with tension, then demand to adjust the pressure. Either way, you will feel, as they say, the difference.

Many customers have even invented their own way of washing, so to speak. After each option, you can wait a little while for the pressure to build up. For example, pre-soaping, wait two to three minutes before the next soaping. Although, according to experts, the chemicals act immediately on the dirt, as they are designed for speed – quickly wash the car and go.

The main thing for the car wash users is to use all its modes. Only then you can expect quality from this service.

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